Baobab HDMI Male To HDMI Female Adapter with 90 Degree Angle Up

With this HDMI adaptor cable, you will be able to solve the problem of bending the cable around corners as many HDMI cables, especially those high quality ones which are very thick and stiff. It is very handy if the rear of your HDMI equipment is close to the wall, making its HDMI port difficult to access.

– HDMI Male to Female adaptor 90 degree up
– Gold plated connector
– HD compatible
– Supports 3D signal
– Plug & Play
– Compatible with most HDMI cable & HDMI enabled device
– Robust molded plastic housing
– Color: Black
– Product code: AD-HDMI-MFU

What’s in the box
1 x HDMI Male to Female adapter – 90 degree up